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Example of the tower section’s floor plan

Welcome to explore the evolving space solutions of the Postitalo. This historic property is transforming into Finland’s premier office and commercial space, blending the charm of the past with the functionality of today. The accompanying image shows an example floor from the Postitalo’s tower, which can be as tall as 10 stories.

The renovated floors of the tower section offer diverse and adaptable spaces for your business needs. In total, there is almost 5000 m² available for lease, with slightly under 4000 m² available from the overlapping free floors of 5th to 9th. The average floor size is about 800 m², from which it’s possible to lease various office spaces starting from smaller 300 square meter units to whole floor solutions.

In designing our spaces, flexibility, modern technology, and your company’s unique needs have been considered. Although some elements, such as ceilings, radiator covers, and types of glass walls, are standard across all floors, we offer the first tenants the opportunity to customize the space layout according to their wishes, including the placement of meeting rooms, open spaces, and kitchens.


For its age, the open and urban Postitalo begins its renewal from the tower section

Standing in the heart of the city since 1938, the Postitalo’s tower section is being renewed to offer its tenants first-class spaces starting from spring 2025. The renewal respects the building’s rich history while supporting modern work life by providing spacious open-plan offices, contemporary space solutions, and breathtaking views over the rooftops of Helsinki.

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