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Monumental energy


At the pole position of the arterial road that pushes through the center of Helsinki, stands a monumental, postbox-yellow building. The sober, majestic structure greets passersby in its original 1930s brick cladding, fired in a bespoke hue by Kupittaan Savi.


In some documents, the place is still referred to as the Gas Factory Quarters, named after a factory that once stood here. There was a time when the round gasholder building was a roller-skating rink for the local jet set, orchestrated by the infamous Master J. O. Olander. Until, in a patriotic construction
spirit amidst the wars, and with a desire to put Finland on the world map, the grandest building project of its time was launched — the Helsinki Post and Telegraph House.

A competition was organized, and architects Jorma Järvi and Erik Lindroos were picked from a prestigious group — among them, one Alvar Aalto. The young architects’ presumed lack of experience led to the supervisory role being awarded to senior architect Karl Borg. Negotiation skills undoubtedly came handy as the massive, politically high-profile project was taken from start to finish. Postitalo is a byproduct of the architectural tides turning from monumental classicism into rational functionalism. There’s a bit of both; a mix and a blend, Borg’s touch on the vision of Järvi and Lindroos.

Despite serving a singular purpose, the building had a village-like atmosphere with the bustle of various postal and telegraph employees, working and also living there. Children have skied and skated on the rooftop terrace. Some student housing used to be there too. Unsurprisingly, numerous long-lasting friendships and beautiful relationships have begun at Postitalo house parties. The balcony of the building holds a special place in many hearts.

The architecture sought ambitiously to make a smooth operation out of the country’s largest postal service. Today, that adaptability is tested by Postitalo’s purpose as modern offices and retail spaces. Companies varying from clinics to tech companies, shops, and restaurants have proudly taken the historical halls, offices, and corridors as their own. Our spot in the beating heart of the city, with its plethora of services and temptations, makes many happy residents. The complete range of commuting options — from parking spots to any manner of stations — brings occupants smoothly to the Postitalo, with perfectly dry feet. From the heights of the top floor, the dazzle and bustle of Helsinki unfolds spectacularly.

Postitalo is living a time of renewal and progress. A protected landmark is adapted respectfully, but ambitiously, catering to the latest generation of doers and makers. Offering some monumental energy, Postitalo is simply an oasis of work. Where old-world elegance meets cutting-edge services designed for the needs of today.

Many of our famous public-historical buildings close as they get repurposed. Postitalo sets a different example by remaining open. Like in its buzzy past, Postitalo wants to let life and people flow through it. Inviting people to enjoy the ceiling’s heights, the grand windows, and the everyday splendor that Postitalo has always been infused with.